28 July 2008

Pancho Hits the Road


In recent weeks, we've been traveling around Southern California, showing a portion of the unfinished film, and raising awareness and money for the project. We're pleased to say that it's been an unqualified success. After a recent screening with the Antelope Valley Ninety-Nines in Rosamond (pictured), a segment about the film aired on Socal News 3. It subsequently was put on the CNN regional feed, which means a lot of people learned about "Pancho"!

As far as fund raising goes, we are in the home stretch. There is very, very big news in "Pancho land" but we cannot announce it just yet! Suffice to say, we are now about $10,000 in donations away from our budget target. Once we hit that target, we are home free, and the film will be

finished in 6-8 weeks. We're that close!

So, please consider making a tax deductible gift, via the KOCE-TV Foundation. It's easy to do...just click on the Donate link...and keep your fingers crossed for us. Today CNN, tomorrow PBS, and we get to share Pancho's amazing story with the world!

By the way, interested in attending one of our presentations...see the details of our August 7th presentation at Flight Path, below.

Photo: writer/producer Nick Spark with the members of the Antelope Valley Ninety-Nines. Nick is the only person in the photo who doesn't have a pilot's license! That's WASP FloraBelle Reece, fourth from the left.