17 December 2007

Update -- The Editing Continues !


It's been several months since we wrapped production on the film, and started editing (see 8.06 Journal entry). Well, we're still working in the cutting room, and will be for a while longer. That is, incidentally, one of the reasons the Production Journal is a bit sporadic -- I'm spending a great deal of time working with our editor, Monique, to complete our "rough cut".

We've made a great deal of progress. Over Thanksgiving, we even screened a portion of the film for some friends, and asked for critical comments. It was a lot of fun, but one thing it underscored, is that we have a ways to go before "Pancho" will be a wrap!

For those of you who have never visited a documentary cutting room, let's just say that editing a film like this one takes time and patience. With over twenty on-camera interviews, thousands of documents and photographs, and motion picture footage to be gone thru and assessed, it's a big puzzle. Fortunately the "big picture" looks very good, and we're well on our way...stay tuned.

You can make a difference. Tell your friends about what we're doing, and send them to our website. And please, consider making a tax deductible donation to our project care of KOCE-TV, PBS of Orange County, California. Every donation makes a difference in terms of our ability to deliver a first-rate product and that's what we want -- a terrific tribute to Pancho Barnes, and the golden era of flight that she and her friends represent.