03 July 2007

Russ McDaniel's Tribute to Pancho and Chuck


Country artist Russ McDaniel knows a thing or two about how to play a guitar, and he also knows a bit about Pancho Barnes and Chuck Yeager. In fact, he's written two tribute songs to these great Americans that appear on his album, "Tribute to World Hero's Friends Places." You can stream them at his website, which you can get to via this link

What's really fun it to click on the link and read the lyrics to the Pancho Barnes tribute, which begins this way: "I'd call her a Matriarch, but she didn't talk that way... She just loved the boys that flew at Edwards Base...A world class lady pilot with speed records of her own...Set back now and just hang on for the legends of Pancho..." (The Legend Of Pancho Barnes (c) 2006 Russ McDaniel and Dave McDaniel)

McDaniel notes on the album that, "Legend of Pancho Barns is about The real Person,who had a Ranch,Bar,hotel,and resturant on the edge of Edwards Air force Base California.She was A friend of Chuck Yeager back when they had started to break the Sound Barrier 1947.She was there when they tested all the first Jet Aircraft.She was quite a Character Ya Gotta Hear This One." We agree!

To purchase the album visit this link