03 April 2007

Special Thanks to FilmTools


Stan McClain has earned a tremendous reputation (and a lifetime achievement award from the Society of Operating Cameramen) as an aerial cinematographer. His credits include TV shows and commercials, industrials, and feature films from Rambo to Passenger 57, Dropzone to The Doors, and more (see: this link for more on Stan's career ). Stan has always been passionate about flight and the history of aerial photography. In fact he wrote an article about the birth of the motion picture cameramen which traces all the way back to Pancho's grandfather, Thaddeus Lowe. You can read it at this link here

Stan is an enthusiastic supporter of our project. He contacted us and offered the use of an interview with aviatrix Bobbi Trout, which he shot a number of years ago. Now, he and his wife Kim have made a generous donation to KOCE-TV in support of the film, through their company FilmTools. We're grateful for the gift, for as we enter the post-production phase of the project, financial support is critical.

Incidentally, FilmTools is a terrific company that supplies all sorts of expendables and camera equipment support for the motion picture industry. Based in Burbank, it's well worth a visit if you're in need of tape stock, grip and lighting equipment, or heck even a matte box...they've got it all there. Check it out at: