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26 December 2007

Thoughts at Year's End

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Well, it's time we say goodbye to 2007 and hello to 2008! But before the year goes into the slipstream, it's not a bad idea to look back... We've made terrific progress this year, wrapping production on interviews for the film, and beginning the editorial process. On Christmas Eve, a small group of us watched an 80-minute long "rough cut" of the film. The verdict? We've got a movie on our hands! Of course, we knew that was the case, but it's always gratifying to see something when it truly comes together for the first time.

2008 should be a big year for "Pancho Barnes!", as we move to finish the cut, cast a narrator (someone has to do the voice of Pancho!), and do our sound mix. It will be a while in the making -- after all, we need to chop about 25 minutes from our rough cut so that it can be aired -- but we're making rapid progress. Stay tuned to the Production Journal for updates as they happen.

There are many, many thank yous that go out to so many people, that it's hard to organize a list. Our crew worked so hard on making our movie a reality...and that includes cinematographers Clay Westervelt, Chad Wilson and Harris Done, sound man Stu Sperling, make-up artist Christina Fabiani, our ace assistant Pam Dotson, graphics experts Jin Yee and Jeff Dietrich, and many others. Monique Zavistovski has worked tirelessly in the editing room, assisted by Tiffany Scherban. From Amanda Pope and I, thank you to one and all...

We look forward to meeting many of our loyal readers and supporters in 2008, when "Pancho" gets airborne. Thanks to you all for your interest in our project and your financial and moral support!

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